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Boyd Tartan Kilt

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Boyd Tartan Kilt


  • Traditional Tartan, Pleated to Sett.
  • Premium Quality Kilt, 16 Ounce Acrylic, the perfect weight for any season.
  • May contain wool.
  • Pleats are stitched down from waist to hip for a tailored fit.
  • Standard 24" Length.
  • Our mission is to get your order out to your quickly, and many standard orders ship within a few business days. As a specialty retailer stocking thousands of kilts in over 100 different tartans, we are constantly restocking and therefore ask that you allow 2+ weeks for shipment. If you need your order by a certain date please let us know when ordering. Thank you!

Names associated with Clan Boyd include: Air, Aird, Assloss, Auchinloss , Ayr, Ayrd, Bankhead, Blair, Bod, Boddagh, Bodha, Boid, Boit, Boite, Borland, Bowie, Boy, Boyd, Boyde, Boydston, Boyman, Boyte, Braland, Bribane, Brown, Buidhe, Buie, Burn, Bute, Cassy, Chrystal, Conn, Coon, Coonie, Corshill, Cosh, Crawford, Crystal, Dick, Faerie, Faery, Fairlie, Fairly, Farie, Farnly, Faul, Faulds, Fauls, Fenwick, Foulterton, Fullarton, Fullerton, Fullton, Gammell, Gemmill, George, Gorman, Gurman, Haire, Hare, Harshaw, Langmoore, Lines, Longmuir, Lynn, MacCosh, MacGillabuidhe, MacGiollabuidhe, MacLorg, MacLurg, Moore, Muir, O’Boyd, Parris, Pitco, Raeburn, Rayburn, Reburn, Rigg, Riggs, Speirs, Spiers, Spires, Starret, Steen, Stein, Stiret, Tannahill, Tannock, Templeton, Underwood, Vasser, Woodbourne, and Woodburn

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