1. February 13, 2022

    How to Wear a Kilt?

    A kilt is a knee-length pleated garment typically worn by men. Originating in the Highlands area of northern Scotland, kilts resemble wrap-around skirts with overlapping aprons in the front and pleats in the back. They are typically made of wool and feature a tartan pattern. The tartan traditionally represented a family's lineage or clan, but today men choose tartans that appeal to them. The traditional kilt attire includes hosiery and other accessories necessary to achieve a Highlands look. To learn how to wear a kilt, follow these tips.


    1 - Wrap

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  2. February 13, 2022

    Brief Introduction About Sporran

    A sporran is a firm pouch made of calfskin and, depending on the type of sporran, storage, skin, fur, and hair. Its aspects, depending on the type of sporran, are approximately 60 cm by 40 cm. The back and pleat (or cover, as designer sporran will call it) are cut from a single piece of calfskin; the front of a later piece. A calfskin gusset is then sewn to the back and sewn to the front. The back pleat then twists around the top and is secured in the front with a peg or latch.
    The overwhelming majority of sporrans additionally have tufts joined at the front. In a pure calfskin sporran, such as a 'day sporran', the decorations, normally 2 or 3, are threaded directly into the front piece. For additional invigorating sporrans, for example "dressed" or "semi-dressed" sporrans, the tufts, up to 6, are secured with small enhancement chains, which hang directly or crosswise from the front piece. Hair, fleece or skin decorations are bound with pewter, chrome or silver heads before being
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